Bloomberg: I Am Needed, I Will Run

zneedme Bloomberg: I Am Needed, I Will RunMichael Bloomberg said "it’s not a time for politics," and that he will run for a third term if the City Council passes a law to allow him to do so.

With his director of communication nodding along, Bloomberg said he wasn’t taking away anybody’s choice, but rather, offering the public one more. "I still think term limits is a good thing," Bloomberg said. Bloomberg said the fiscal crisis that has from Wall Street is so severe that he wants to be on hand to help steer the city through it.

This crisis was one of "confidence," Bloomberg said. When asked how it compared to the crisis that swept him into office – the September 11 terrorist attacks – the mayor said that "”in an economic sense, it was relatively easy to pull together”" at that time.

Bloomberg cited newspaper editorials and even the long-serving mayor of Chicago, Richard Daly, to bolster his claim that he could do more for the city in a third term.

With that, it’s official. The 2009 election cycle is either underway right now, or over.