Bloomberg on Quinn’s Professional Future

Michael Bloomberg told reporters today that Christine Quinn is not just going to be re-elected “overwhelmingly” by her West Village constituents, but will win another term as speaker of the City Council.

If she’s not re-elected to public office, however, Bloomberg said she would have “enormous opportunities” in the private sector.

Bloomberg was speaking to reporters on Fifth Avenue just before the start of the annual Columbus Day Parade, kicking off at 45th Street. He was responding to a question regarding an item in the New York Post today that reported Quinn would be named a deputy mayor in Bloomberg’s next administration if she does not win re-election as speaker.

Bloomberg also declined to discuss the details of his negotiations with Quinn on the term limits bill, saying deputy mayor Kevin Sheekey handled most of it.

The mayor also declined to discuss any aspect of his re-election effort, saying the city doesn’t need “a thirteen-month campaign.”

Bloomberg on Quinn’s Professional Future