Charlize Theron Sued for Wearing the Wrong Watch

Being Charlize Theron is a lot more complicated than one might expect! The Smoking Gun has generously provided the world with an excerpt from the court filings associated with a lawsuit brought against Ms. Theron by ultra-fancy watch purveyor Raymond Weil, who has accused her of violating an 2005 endorsement agreement by sporting a Dior timepiece in public.

To make matters worse, a photo of the transgression was printed in The Tourneau Times (which appears to be some kind of trade magazine/advertising sheet produced by Tourneau). Of course, these cuckoldish incidents are never simple, as Ms. Theron’s team quickly pointed out. Apparently, in the very same issue of this watch-related publication, Raymond Weil ran a print ad featuring model Thema Thormasdittor, which the actress’s lawyers argue was also a breach of contract. So, everybody wins (or loses!).

The most interesting aspect of the documents, however, is the second portion, which offers a glimpse into Ms. Theron’s promiscuous–not to mention lucrative!–bauble-peddling past:

“She also was paid $200,000 by Chopard to wear its jewels to the 2006 Oscars and received another $50,000 from the Swiss firm for wearing its gems to that year’s BAFTA awards in London. While Theron wore Cartier diamond stud earrings and a ‘flower cuff bracelet’ to the 2006 Golden Globe Awards, she was not paid by the firm. However, as Judge Colleen McMahon notes, Theron had previously received a $35,000 ring, $8000 earrings, and a $7500 bracelet as tokens of appreciation’ from the luxury retailer.”

The document also mentions some kind of arrangement with yet another jewelry brand, Briel Milano, though the specifics of that affair don’t seem to be available.

It’s stories like this that make us thankful for our drama-free Swatch.

Charlize Theron Sued for Wearing the Wrong Watch