Circa 2001 Electroclash Band Returns to New York to Scare the Pants Off You!

We love it when we stumble upon press releases that seem entirely out of left field. One such item found its way into our inbox moments ago. But first, some background: Back in 2001, a mildly absurd genre of music called “electroclash” was all the rage here in New York. It was dancey and new wave-sounding but more minimal and icey and with, like, robots singing. One of the more popular bands playing this type of music at the time was a Detroit duo called ADULT. They were (are?) decent. Had a few catchy songs, like this one. But we’d sort of forgotten they existed. Until now! Turns out (and we apologize if we’re behind the curve on this one), the band has a new 40-minute “silent-experimental-horror film” that’s coming to New York just in time for Halloween. It’s called DECAMPMENT (this band likes CAPS) and it will be screened at Anthology Film Archives on Oct. 16 at 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. with ADULT. performing the soundtrack live. From the release:

The soundtrack, performed live by ADULT. during the screening, is a mutation of instrumental film music and more ADULT.-like irregularities. DECAMPMENT was written, produced and directed by ADULT. in early 2008 and follows a woman’s transmigration from her ‘normal’ life into a new society of deceit. Filmed entirely in Michigan, the film explores ADULT.’s obsession with an often overlooked and distinctive aesthetic that they call ‘midwestern horror.’

Midwestern horror! We like the sound of that. And the film’s trailer (posted above) has somehow intrigued us. There’s no plans for a DVD release as of yet, so seeing it live is the only way. Advance tickets will be available on