Cynthia Rowley Admits to Getting Changed in the Back of Cabs, Admiring Angelina Jolie

Last night, the Daily Transom spotted designer Cynthia Rowley at the annual Avon Foundation Awards Celebration attended by Patrick Dempsey and his wife Jillian, Lauren Conrad and Suze Orman.

When asked by tabloid reporters to recommend a fashion tip, Ms. Rowley, who seemed to be in one of her rather eccentric moods, said that she enjoys changing in the back of taxicabs.

“Lots of dresses roll up really small these days, so you just keep it in your bag and just ask the cab driver not to watch,” said Ms. Rowley. 

But when a weekly tabloid reporter asked for the designer’s selection of a “best-dressed celebrity,” Ms. Rowley seemed to make a rather ordinary Hollywood choice we wouldn’t expect from a New York designer and recurring Project Runway judge. 

“I think Angelina Jolie is perfect. She doesn’t get too trendy, she’s very classic. And she’s so beautiful that she makes everything look beautiful. She was hugely pregnant and still looked so chic,” said Ms. Rowley. “Is that too, like, predictable?”

Um, no comment. 

Ms. Rowley also copped to being a fan of current Broadway actress Katie Holmes–though she admitted she wasn’t a fan of the white “I Dream of Jeannie”-esque jumpsuit Ms. Holmes wore to the opening night of All My Sons