Daniel Menaker’s TitlePage Web Show On Hiatus, In Search of New Sponsorship

The last episode of TitlePage, Daniel Menaker’s online-only talk show about books, was uploaded back in June and was labeled at the time as a season finale. The episode, TitlePage‘s sixth since it opened for business last March, featured the authors Carl Hiaasen, Ben Nugent, Ellen Hawley, and Dana Jennings, all of whom had recently published works of narrative nonfiction on American topics.

The former Random House editor’s plan was to be back with more episodes this fall, but his funding ran out and the site now opens with a pop-up informing viewers that “after a successful first season,” the program is going on hiatus until Mr. Menaker finds a new sponsor.

Asked at the end of August about the fate of the project, Mr. Menaker said he had “some promising leads” but did not elaborate. In an e-mail today he told Media Mob that he will be conducting interviews for the National Book Foundation at BAM starting in January with Nathan Englander, Art Spiegelman, and Jimmy Breslin. Mr. Menaker said he got the gig partly on the strength of his experience with TitlePage.

“In retrospect and I hope in prospect, it has been/will continue to be a useful and worthy project,” he said.