Decembrists’ First Single, ‘Valerie Plame,’ Ready For Listening

colin meloy Decembrists First Single, Valerie Plame, Ready For ListeningEarly last month, we told you about the Decembrists’ upcoming singles series, Always the Bridesmaid. (Just think back… past the failed $700 billion bailout, past A.I.G., past Merrill Lynch, past Lehman.) Well in advance of its Oct. 14 release date, Stereogum has posted the first single (via YouTube). It’s called “Valerie Plame”—yes, that Valerie, the CIA agent so rudely outed by the Bush Administration five years ago in alleged retaliation for her huband’s (former ambassador Joe Wilson’s) criticism of the Iraq War.

The Decembrists, staunch Obama supports all, are being provocative the only way they know how—by turning a political controversy into a cutsey sea chantey. Which isn’t such a bad thing, particularly when it forces Colin Meloy and his crew to tackle 21st century subject matter. According to the press release, the tune is an “amorous tribute” to Plame from the “point-of-view of one of [her] inside contacts upon discovering her true identity.” Sounds literary. “You were just some silly girl taking in the salts of your empire’s colony,” begins the heart-broken narrator. “So I took you into my confidence with no thought of consequence to my heart or to my mind.” Aw, poor schmuck. Maybe the big sing-along coda—replete with banjo and horns—will raise his spirits. We suggest using it to debrief your three-year-old on national security matters and the sins of the Bush Administration. “Da da da de, da da da da, hey hey, Valerie Plame!!” It’s never too early…

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