Elsewhere: McCain’s Kitchen Sink, the Irony of Bloomberg

The economy is not yet improving.

That means the McCain campaign’s aggression won’t get much time on TV tonight.

Marc Ambinder describes these attacks as “kitchen sink.”

A new CNN poll shows Barack Obama widening his lead over John McCain.

Sarah Palin, who spoke against eminent domain in a recent interview, also sued a private landowner to seize his property for the ice hockey rink she built in Wasilla.

Hillary Clinton spoke to USA Today about her 40-event, $8 million push for the Obama campaign. (The story is, according to a Clinton press release, a **MUST READ**.)

The Christian Science Monitor says Bloomberg should run again because it would give voters “the fullest choice,” and then describes the move as “so lit up with irony it would illumine Rockefeller Plaza at Christmas.”

Andrew Sullivan gives a wonky green light for conservatives to back Bloomberg.

Gabe Pressman says Ron Lauder shouldn’t have a say in this because he wasn’t elected to anything, and that Bloomberg is “dead wrong” to seeka third term.

This blogger laments, “We have become such meek followers.”

If it goes up for a referendum, the fate of term limits would depend on the economy, says this blogger. 

Chuck Schumer endorsed upstate State Senate candidate Don Barber.

Jeff Klein has more money than any other Democratic state senator, and gave $125,000 to the W.F.P.

There will be two hearings on Willets Point before the Council votes on redevelopment plans.

Kirsten Gillibrand’s Republican challenger commends her position on guns.

Buffalo Pundit dolefully hopes Jon Powers, who has been very quiet and apparently moved out of state, will move back.

Congressional candidate Eric Massa is doing better than incumbent Randy Kuhl in a new poll.

New York made a list of the top ten, but not the top three, states for energy efficiency.

Community boards approved both Flatbush and Canarsie rezoning plans last week.

Jeremiah Moss welcomes certain outcomes of this economic crisis.


Elsewhere: McCain’s Kitchen Sink, the Irony of Bloomberg