Fashion Roundup: Rachel Zoe Defends Herself; Charlotte Ronson’s New Endorsement Deal; Gay Talese Doesn’t Think Much of Diesel

Rachel Zoe on being called a “pox” by the Times‘ Ginia Bellafante: “It was the strangest thing in the world for someone who has never met me to accuse me of making our society superficial. Judging the state of society based on me? A ‘pox’? This show is not an effort to solve world issues. It’s a bit of glamour, a bit of an escape.” [LA Times]

The definition of a tall shoe in fashion has shifted from 3- and 4-inch heels to 5-, 6- and 7-inch heels this season. [WSJ]

Designer Charlotte Ronson has been cast as the new face Trilliant, a product made by Sebastian haircare. [Nylon]

Ashley Olsen, Kate Bosworth, Stefano Tonchi, Jonathan Newhouse, Bruce Weber, and Tim Gunn will be presenting the awards at the The Fashion Group International’s annual Night of Stars in New York on Oct. 23. [WWD]

Gay Talese doesn’t understand why people want to get in line for $50 pairs of jeans by some brand called Diesel. [Daily Beast via Racked]