Financial Crisis Claims Latest Victim: Meredith Vieira’s Toe!

On Saturday night, Meredith Vieira badly stubbed her big toe. It happened en route from her bed to her bathroom, a journey she had successfully navigated without injury many times before.

So what happened? What went wrong?

The next morning, Today‘s leading lady was icing her toe and reading the New York Times, when the answer occurred to her.

From her iVillage blog post about the incident:

And then I glanced down at the paper-staring back at me was one depressing story after another about the sorry state of our economy. Just trying to navigate my way through all of the bailout proposals and recovery plans made me dizzy. I felt like a kid who’s been blindfolded and spun around and around… and now has to pin the tail on the donkey.

No wonder I’m walking into walls.

To date, commenters on the site have been extremely sympathetic.

“Meredith, it’s a wonder you’re not crashing through walls with all this news and events overload we’re enduring now,” writes LindsayT. “My own head is spinning but I don’t have to report on it and digest it like your job requires you to do. Hang in there, okay?”

Financial Crisis Claims Latest Victim: Meredith Vieira’s Toe!