Find Out Just How Badly You Treat the Environment Every Damn Day

With atonement and repentance in the air today, the transit advocacy nonprofit Transportation Alternatives released a feature on the Web site that calculates the carbon footprint of New York City commuters.

Visitors to the site can choose one of seven transportation options (bus, car, hybrid car, taxi, subway/train, bike, walk) and calculate the daily carbon emissions of their commute. According to the site, a 10-mile train ride emits 5 pounds of carbon dioxide, while a car commute of the same distance emits 24.4 pounds.

In addition to calculating daily emissions, the site also has a few transportation factoids (did you know that one out of four transit trips in the U.S. is made in New York City?) and a neat little feature that shows car, SUV, hybrid car and taxi commuters how many trees they would have to plant to counterbalance their yearly commuter emissions. An SUV driver with a 10-mile commute would have to plant 46 trees annually to offset their carbon production.

Better start repenting (and planting).