Huffington Post Media Critic: Arianna a ‘Woman of Nerve, Energy, Eclectic Intellect’

Late last month, The Huffington Post announced that media critic James Warren would bring his “On Magazines” column over from The Chicago Tribune.

In a release at the time, Mr. Warren said, “Like a dogged parole officer, the magazines column has trailed me for nearly three decades, no matter my day job. If I had a buck for every one I’ve written about which is no longer with us, I could fly business class to Beijing.”

His first column ran on Sunday. Let’s see how he shook things up:

Lucky me! The New Yorker profiles Arianna Huffington (“The Oracle”) in its Oct. 13 issue. Lauren Collins crafts a solicitous if not fully satisfying opus on a woman of nerve, energy, eclectic intellect and renowned networking aplomb. If there is a thesis, it surfaces late: ‘Huffington’s decisions in life, contradictory as many of them have been, seem to have in common the conviction that the worst imaginable fact would be to have people not pay attention to her at all.’ But readers don’t get much insight into how she’s actually pulled off this impressively successful website and gained a distinctly new status amid the bloody competition of the Internet.

Looks like “On Magazines” is gonna do just fine on The Huffington Post.