Details Details the ‘Playboys of Tech’

In this month’s issue of Details, reporter Heather Chaplin got all googly-eyed about the “geeks gone rich” of New York’s tech scene, including David Karp, 21, (we asked if you wanted to take a Tumblr with him ages ago!) and Julia Allison’s boyfriend Charles Forman, 28, of Check out the subhead: “Technology’s emerging stars aren’t code-crunching wallflowers. They’re serial daters and socialites as hungry for fame—and women—as they are for fortune.”

Karp and Forman, and their West Coast counterparts like Pete Cashmore, founder of the social-networking site Mashable, represent the newest iteration of the tech star—and possibly the saturation point of Internet fame. For them, aggressive online self-promotion is as natural as text-messaging—and as much a part of the business as software development.

Certainly, these guys are “men about town” in that they go to lots of parties and… date people. “Playboys” is a bit of a stretch. The article simply follows them as they attend a NY Tech Meetup and go on date with their girlfriends. Kinda boring, especially compared to their actual work in online social networking, which is pretty cool. What do their ladies have to say about it? Silicon Alley Insider points out a conversation between Mr. Karp’s lady, CNET reporter Caroline McCarthy, and Ms. Allison. Their conclusion? “unbelievable.” Ms. Allison: “I know [Charles] had a long, long talk about BUSINESS stuff with this woman. this is going to really upset him.” Ms. McCarthy, later in the conversation: “hey, it’s Details. nobody is going to be reading it for sage business advice.”