Ghost Hunters Gets Schooled

For college students, Halloween is apparently more than just another excuse to drink, eat candy and—for the ladies at least—do their best Emperor’s Club impressions. Some students carry the spirit of the season all year round, scouring the country for paranormal activity and landing a Sci Fi Channel series to boot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the channel will be milking the popularity of Ghost Hunters, the hit reality series that we mentioned earlier in our haunted TV roundup, with a spinoff featuring university students in place of the show’s usual paranomal investigators: “The students will be guided by an experienced ghost investigator. Producers have not determined if any cast members from the other shows will be involved in the new project.”

With a working title of Ghost Hunters: College Edition (clever!) it’s unclear whether the show actually has anything to do with post-secondary education, aside from the as-yet-undetermined collegiate hosts. But creators are banking on a hit since the original series, which debuted in 2004 to a stellar reception, has seen it’s ratings improve with each season. Now Sci Fi’s second highest-rated series (after Sanctuary), Ghost Hunters broke its own audience records on Oct. 8 with 2.7 million total viewers, and has spawned another spinoff, Ghost Hunters International. So why college kids? “Ghost Hunters appeals to a wide demographic,” Craig Piligian, the show’s executive producer, told the Hollywood Reporter, “and we felt the college edition would be a great asset to the franchise.”