In New Video, Paris Hilton Gets Advice from Martin Sheen on Being President

Let it never be said that Paris Hilton does not know how to turn PR lemons into lemonade. Back in August, the enterprising Ms. Hilton seized upon John McCain‘s use of her image in his now infamous “Celeb” ad in which he negatively compared Barack Obama‘s popularity to hers. While her mom (and McCain donor) Kathy Hilton got mad, calling the clip “frivolous” and “a waste of the country’s time and attention,” her daughter reminded us that frivolity and distraction are what this country is all about! In a surprisingly funny response video produced by, Ms. Hilton reasoned that her inclusion the McCain ad made her eligible for a White House run. 

And now that Paris Hilton once again has a TV show to promote, her fake campaign is marching on.  Above, we have another video from featuring Ms. Hilton. For this one, she enlisted the help of America’s favorite fake president, Martin Sheen, who played President Jed Bartlet on The West Wing (in a call to Ryan Seacrest to inform the world of the video’s existence, Ms. Hilton claimed that Mr. Sheen participated in the video because she happened to be “having a party in her gated Hollywood Hills home last week, which is just up the street from Charlie Sheen‘s house”).

The video features Ms. Hilton, who we think looks like a young Cindy McCain, soliciting advice from Mr. Sheen. “Being a fake president is a lot harder today than it was when I was a fake president,” he says. “My fake administration started before the country took some hits. It was the go-go 90’s. People invested in a website that sold dogfood because a puppet told ’em to do it.” 

“Nowadays, soundbites, not sound policies, determine our country’s course,” Ms. Hilton responds before revealing our new favorite coinage, “FoPo” (short for “foreign policy”). 

Another highlight: “This is the greatest depression since The Notebook.

Bidding Mr. Sheen goodnight, Ms. Hilton concludes, “America was at its best when it was on NBC.” Indeed. 


In New Video, Paris Hilton Gets Advice from Martin Sheen on Being President