InStyle Puts Its Own Spin on Reality Television: Makeup!

The CW’s premiere of Stylista on October 22 featuring Elle magazine’s Anne Slowey is only a few weeks away. Meanwhile, Marie Claire–the new home of former Elle staffer, Nina Garcia—is hard at work on their own reality show about magazine editors, Running in Heels on the Style network. And Project Runway’s television fate is still undecided as Harvey Weinstein continues to battle with Bravo in court about moving the show to Lifetime.

Amidst this fashion magazine-themed reality chaos comes yet another show, this one from In Style magazine. Blush: The Search for the Next Great Make-Up Artist will premiere on Lifetime on November 11, and will feature make-up artists competing for a $100,000 prize and a contract with Max Factor, reports Women’s Wear Daily.

Based in Los Angeles, the show’s judges include In Style’s fashion director Hal Rubenstein and makeup artist Joanna Schlip (whose clients include Scarlett Johansson, Ellen Pompeo and Laura Linney). The show’s Tim Gunn mentor role will be played by makeup artist Charlie Green, whose own reality show clients include Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks. And actress Vanessa Marcil will reportedly serve as the host.

But now that the magazine editors, stylists, models, fashion designers, and make-up artists have all been tapped as reality show subjects, we wonder just where else this reality show train will go next. Perhaps the Pillsbury bake-off could be turned into a reality show sponsored by Good Housekeeping or Ladies Home Journal. Or gardeners could compete to become the head landscaper at Martha Stewart‘s Bedford farm, sponsored by Martha Stewart Living. Or, ooh, how about a paparazzi competition hosted by Life & Style!

Our guess is that as the economy continues to plummet and retail sales drop, the last thing television audiences will want to see is a group of television-attractive contestants complaining about how they used too much mascara, or stumbled on their designer heels, or wore the wrong thing to a fashion show. Then again, maybe it will be just the opposite; as the economic situation becomes more grim, audiences will look to frivolous reality TV as an escape of sorts. It’s just like how J.R.R. Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings during World War II.

Er, okay, maybe not. 



InStyle Puts Its Own Spin on Reality Television: Makeup!