Lawyers Condemn Bloomberg’s Term-Limits Plan

The New York City Bar Association just released a statement opposing the term-limits legislation that the City Council is considering. According to the A.B.A., Michael Bloomberg’s plan would undermine the public’s confidence in the legislative process.

From the statement:

"It would indeed be a tall order to convince New Yorkers that in taking this matter unto themselves after having been twice affirmed by the voters, that the Council members had only the public interest at heart.  In short, a change in term limits by legislative action would be bad policy, contrary to principles of good government and potentially damaging to our City institutions."

Also, Giuliani-era deputy mayor Randy Mastro sent a letter to the city Conflict of Interest Board that called into question the legality of a reported "deal" the mayor struck with term-limits advocate Ron Lauder and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.


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