Lil Wayne Apparently Immune to Financial Crisis

With the economy in the can, we’d like to think that rock stars would show a little restraint—that they might think twice before buying their second Bentley or their third McMansion. A little naïve, yes … but still, we can’t help but be a touch disappointed with the behavior of Lil Wayne’s entourage at his ginormous 26th birthday bash this week.

According to Perez Hilton and Young Black & Fabulous, Wayne’s “adopted father,” Birdman, flew the rapper down to Miami on Monday for a poppin’ celebration at hot spot Mansion. The party’s centerpiece was a giant Cash Money Records ice sculpture replete with 30 bottles of Cristal (retail price: $1,000) and a handful of $100 bills frozen in the ice. But the evening’s real pièce de résistance was Birdman’s birthday present to his young prodigy: a Louis Vuitton bag stuffed with $1 million in cold hard cash. Nice. “I’m surprised Weezy didn’t get jacked extra hard,” wonders YBF’s Natasha. We wonder if Treasury Secretary Paulson shouldn’t hear about this … or the IRS.