Lloyd Goldman Set to Close on 1372 Broadway for $275 M.

Lloyd Goldman, heir to one of New York City’s greatest and most fought-over real estate fortunes and a moneybags behind Larry Silverstein’s ground zero development, may close as early as the start of next week on 1372 Broadway at a price well below the building’s valuation last year.

Mr. Goldman is expected to take the building, between 37th and 38th streets, for $275 million, a $60 million discount from the value placed on the building in 2007, when Wachovia bought an 85 percent share for $285 million.

This could be the first of many bargain towers Mr. Goldman adds to his family’s portfolio. “I can tell you he’s licking his chops about buying property in the next few months,” said a colleague of his last week.

Built in 1914, the 21-story, Class B 1372 Broadway rents for about $50 a square foot, according to CoStar.