Lydia Hearst Wears Her Protest Against Page Six

In 2003, Britney Spears wore a cut-up baby T (remember those?) with the words “Page Six Six Six” stretched tightly across her chest and showing off her pierced navel. The outfit was a protest against the New York Post gossip column by which she felt burned time and time again.

The celebrity and socialite worlds have since seemed to adjust to Page Six’s often chilly, sometimes ruthless, items about their love lives and family scandals. But Lydia Hearst, who this past week got into a public dispute with the Post about what was or wasn’t fabricated in her Page Six Magazine column, “The Hearst Chronicles,” felt it was time to take a stand. And as part of her public retaliation, Ms. Hearst decided to wear the same T-shirt, though seemingly smaller, over a bejeweled bathing suit top while gnawing on an issue of The New York Post.