McCain and Obama Tell Couric About the Last Time They Cried

Last night on the CBS Evening News, as part of the excellent ongoing series, “Presidential Questions,” CBS News’ Katie Couric asked both presidential candidates about the last time they had cried and why.

Their responses:

OBAMA: This one is pretty easy. It was Malia, my 10-year-old daughter’s birthday party. We were in Montana. And you know, she’s a Fourth of July baby. So often times, during this campaign, we’d be traveling during birthdays. And so we were in this small hotel, I think a Holiday Inn. And we had this big public thing. The staff organized for a smaller family party. And we were in this nondescript conference room—with—Malia and Sasha, Michelle, me, my sister, my brother-in-law and my niece. And there was a cake. And there was some food which wasn’t, you know, stellar. And the staff had put together an iPod of all of her favorite music. The Jonas Brothers and Beyoncé. And we spent the evening just dancing. And we were all dancing to their favorite songs. And they were laughing because, you know, obviously their daddy is dancing ridiculous. And Malia came up and said, “This is the best birthday I’ve ever had.” And she meant it. And—and I looked at her and I realized—you know, that she was growing up. And that she was wise, turning out to be somebody who would say that to her dad even if she didn’t mean it, just to make me feel good. And yeah, it chokes me up right now talking about it. Yeah, my kids get to me every time.
MCCAIN: I cry regularly. … Aw, yeah. You know, I’m very sentimental. When I see these young people who are serving. I met a woman at a town hall meeting the other day who had lost her son in Iraq. And, I was so touched, because she talked about how proud she was of his service. And what a fine young person he was. And whenever you have that experience, obviously you think, how could I ever–how could I cope with such a tragedy, you know? And so you know, when I say cry, I get–my eyes well up, as they are right now thinking about these brave Americans and their families who have sacrificed so much for their country, especially recently.