Michael Lohan Gets Knocked Out

Celebrity dad Michael Lohan has announced that he will put himself up for auction to fight the highest bidder in a three-round boxing match at the annual Long Island Fight For Charity on Nov. 24 at the Long Island Hilton in Melville. 

Bids are starting at $5,000 and money raised from the event will go towards charities like the Family Residence and Essential Enterprises Inc. According to its website, FREE (nice acronym!) assists individuals with mental challenges and developmental disabilities.

The event has apparently been months in the planning. In August, Mr. Lohan asked Page Six’s Richard Johnson and Britney Spears‘s ex-husband Kevin Federline to join him in the boxing ring, but both declined. “I don’t care who it is; it’s for charity. I’ve been beaten up by the press, so I don’t care if I get a few shots by a kid half my age,” Mr. Lohan told OK! magazine at the time.

“It’s serious boxing,” he told the tabloid. “You have to go get a trainer. I have to register with the Mature Boxing Association.” 

There are rules regarding who can knock out Mr. Lohan. Bidders must pass the height, age and weight restrictions as well as the guidelines of USA Boxing. Applicants will also have to go through an interview process (possibly to determine just how much anger they harbor towards the celebrity dad).

Applicants eager to get a shot at Mr. Lohan should email a bid to boxing@lifightforcharity.com.


Michael Lohan Gets Knocked Out