Morning Memo: Harvey Weinstein Not Vindicated; Sharon Stone’s Dubious Parenting Skills; Heather Locklear’s DUI Details

Per his agreement with Page Six, Harvey Weinstein now owes a charity $1 million after a leaked Scott Rudin email describing Weinstein’s bad behavior during the production of The Reader turned out to be real. (Yesterday, Mr. Rudin told Gawker that the email was fake, but that turns out to have been a lie. Confusing!) Also, fun story: “When they were making The Hours, Scott sent Harvey an enormous box of cartons and cartons of cigarettes and a note that read, ‘Die!”’ [P6]

Heather Locklear “walked drunkenly through a California supermarket” before her arrest for driving under the influence. Also, the person who reported her to 911 is a former US Weekly staffer–clearly, she has retained her scandal spotting instincts. [R&M]

Howard Stern had a dull bachelor party at Nobu, possibly because he has finally gotten tired of strippers. Also, he’s old. [P6]

Sharon Stone, who just lost physical custody of son Roan, once suggested Botox as a solution to the boy’s foot odor problem. Ex-husband Phil Bronstein thought plain old wearing socks with shoes and deodorant would do the trick. (He was right.) [US Weekly]

The famous pink paint is peeling off of Julian Schnabel‘s Palazzo Chupi in the West Village. [Curbed]

Greenpoint hangout Studio B will reopen tonight after a run-in with the Buildings Department. [Brooklyn Vegan]