Morning Memo: Lara Logan’s War Spoils; The Jolie-Pitts Stop Traffic; Elizabeth Hasselback Will Stick With ‘The View’ (For Now)

Scandal-causing CBS correspondent Lara Logan might be in even more trouble; she allegedly (and illegally!) brought home a couple of pre-invasion portraits of Saddam Hussein from Iraq and displayed them in her office. [P6]

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and their half-dozen children caused a traffic jam outside their hotel in midtown Manhattan. Said someone on the scene: “Angelina undoubtedly has more foreign-policy knowledge than Sarah Palin. … No wonder people don’t know where to direct their attention.” [The Scoop]

Madonna and Alex Rodriguez, who caused a stir by denying their relationship this summer, had a “secret dinner” at Dos Caminos. [P6]

Conservative cheerleader Elizabeth Hasselbeck says that she will not give up her spot on The View for a position with Fox News. [US Weekly]

Sharon Stone is denying that she ever suggested Botox as a remedy for her son’s foot odor problem. [People]

Chef Gordon Ramsay is casting for the next season of Hell’s Kitchen via Craigslist. [Grub Street]