Morning Memo: Larry Flynt “Interprets” Sarah Palin; Details of Nikki Blonsky’s Airport Brawl; Harvey Weinstein “Not a Nice Man”

It was only a matter of time: Larry Flynt‘s Hustler Films has produced a Sarah Palin-themed movie. [R&M

Page Six claims that Bill and Hillary Clinton‘s tepid support of Barack Obama is due to the Democratic nominee’s refusal to promise Mrs. Clinton a spot on the Supreme Court if Mr. Obama gets elected. Clinton reps responded, “Absurd. Nonsense. Rubbish. Hogwash. Malarkey.” [P6]  

Miramax has reached a $9 million settlement with producer Marty Richards, who accused the company of using “deceptive accounting practices” to cheat him out of money earned by Chicago. Of Miramax founder Harvey Weinstein, Richards has said “This is not a nice man. I won’t speak to him anymore.” [P6]

Former America’s Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden has shared the details of the airport fight she had with Hairspray’s Nikki Blonsky, who apparently kicked Golden’s mother, pulled Golden’s earring, and could only be subdued by her own mother sitting on her. [People]

Melissa Etheridge will marry longtime partner Tammy Lynn Michaels in California. [US Weekly