Morning Memo: Lindsay Lohan Behaving Badly!; Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Colonize East Village; Guy Ritchie In Tears

tom and katie Morning Memo: Lindsay Lohan Behaving Badly!; Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Colonize East Village; Guy Ritchie In TearsLindsay Lohan‘s guest appearance on Ugly Betty was cut from six episodes to four because of trouble on the set. Issues included ego clashes with star America Ferrera, the size of Ms. Lohan’s entourage, and a de-pantsing incident. People on set were also bothered by Ms. Lohan’s tendency to "obsessively cut pictures of herself out of the tabloids like she was creating some sort of scrapbook." [P6]

Among the things Sarah Palin doesn’t know: who Oliver Stone is. [R&M, second item]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been buying up a bunch of separate apartments in a building in the East Village, where Tom is friendly to the neighbors and Katie "keeps her head down." [P6]

Guy Ritchie has been "crying over" photos of his son Rocco in a Yankees shirt, which crazy Madonna probably orchestrated to remind everyone of her affair with Alex Rodriguez. [NYDN]

Gossip Girl‘s Taylor Momsen was hospitalized for a "potentially life-threatening" throat infection. [People]

Socialite and creative marketer Kate Schelter on her Halloween costume: "Jane Fonda meets Olivia Newton John ‘Let’s Get Physical.’ Hot pink, fuchsia, leotard, spandex pants, Gucci headband, metallic belt, high heels, leg warmers. Fuchsia nails out to here…I think that women should dress that way every day. Why wait for one day a year? Although, disclaimer — I wait to be Jane Fonda one day a year. It’s more like an alter ego. It’s not like I’m waiting to wear a miniskirt or something…I wear a miniskirt every day — who cares?" [The Cut]

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