Morning Memo: Madonna and Alex Rodriguez’s Double Date; Tracy Morgan Giving Up Strip Clubs; The McCains’ Election Day Plans

Madonna and Alex Rodriguez took seperate helicopters to Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld‘s house in East Hampton. The two couples stayed for four hours before all returning in the same helicopter. [P6]

Ivana Trump has been spending time with 23-year-old Belgian model Marius Rusovici while her new husband, Rossano Rubicondi, films a reality show in Italy. [P6]

In an effort to save money, Tracy Morgan says he has given up strip clubs. His plan to make up for the loss involves telling his next wife “to get on the bed and put big [underwear] on and throw $400 at her — then take the money back and go food shopping.” [R&M]

Meghan McCain says her father, John, usually goes to an early afternoon movie on election days, while she tries to wear her “lucky color” purple. [People

Sarah Palin has gone down a size by drinking Lean1 shakes. [R&M]