Morning Memo: Peter Cook Sex Tape Confirmed; Madonna and Guy Ritchie Had No Pre-nup; Prince’s Secret Show

The Christie BrinkleyPeter Cook scandal circus continues: Page Six is claiming to have seen graphic stills of a sex tape Mr. Cook produced with his then-18-year-old mistress, Diana Bianchi. [P6]

Madonna and Guy Ritchie did not have a pre-nup, and the director is now reportedly looking for “a nice piece of the pie.” [NYDN]

Prince deigned to visit the exclusive Eldridge only after he’d sent in an “advance man” to scope the place out. After arriving with five bodyguards, he stayed for about an hour before departing for Butter, where he installed his personal DJ. (This is all acceptable because he is Prince.) [P6]

Hermès heir Mathias Guerrand-Hermès assaulted the pilot of his Air France flight earlier this week. Apparently, he tried to “grab the pilot’s crotch and punch him,” a move that resulted in his being shackled to a first class seat for the remainder of the trip. [NYT via Cityfile]

Declining hot spot Bungalow 8 is now issuing invitations via Facebook. [Down By The Hipster]

David Duchovny‘s recent trip to rehab for sex addiction wasn’t enough to save his marriage to Téa Leoni. [US Weekly]

Dennis Rodman stole a half-finished bottle of Champagne and two glasses from Bounce Uptown, then left without paying. [R&M]