Morning Memo: Peter Cook Speaks Out; Hawaiian Tropic Zone Gets Sued; Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel Probably Back On

In a killed profile for Elle by Kevin Sessums (the piece is now available on Tina Brown‘s Daily Beast), Jennifer Lopez is described as “weepy and fragile” and “flu-ridden.” She also discusses potentially sending her children to Scientology school and her postpartum insecurity. [P6

Michelle Rodriguez woke up her fellow guests at Florida’s Mayfair Hotel by banging the door knocker to her room and screaming at her female “roommate.” [R&M

Female employees of Hawaiian Tropic Zone are suing parent company Riese for $600 million over charges of physical and sexual harassment and rape. [NYP via Grub Street]

Christie Brinkley‘s ex-husband, Peter Cook, is finally sharing his side of the story in an upcoming interview with Barbara Walters. His explanation for having an affair with his then 18-year-old assistant?  “I was seeking a connection I could not find in my own marriage…I wanted a little acknowledgment, a little attention, a little thank you every now and then for my efforts, for the amount of time I took to care for her and my family, for the wealth I was building.” [NYDN

Comedians Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman seem to be back together, but they’re “not defining” the relationship. [US Weekly]

Nick Nolte is recovering after being injured in a fire that destroyed his California home. [Star]

Christian Slater got a GED to set a good example for his kids. [P6