Morning Memo: Richard Fuld Gets Hit; Amy Winehouse Maybe Sort Of Okay?; Clint Eastwood’s Palin Proclivities

Someone knocked Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld “out cold” after the company’s bankrupcy was announced. Seriously. [Radar]

Ashley Dupre now travels with three bodyguards (does Eliot Spitzer even still have a security detail?). [R&M

Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani, who co-stars with Leonardo DiCaprio in the upcoming Body of Lies, may be barred from re-entering Iran because of her participation in the film. [R&M

One piece of good news on the Amy Winehouse front: She is not on an official suicide watch. [People]

Clint Eastwood horrified the crowd at the New Yorker Festival by implying that he thought Sarah Palin beat Joe Biden in last week’s Vice Presidential debate. [P6]  

In a recent interview, Nicole Kidman told Elle that her love for current husband Keith Urban is “more deep and profound” than what she felt for Tom Cruise, adding: ” I know he has the same thing with Katie [Holmes]. You move into a stage where you’re able to be a more fuller person in your relationship…Really, for our kids — they were amidst a lot of love. It wasn’t bad. And now we’re amidst a more evolved love.” Meanwhile, Ms. Kidman’s former Dogville costar, Lauren Bacall said “Tom Cruise is a maniac. I can’t understand the way he conducts his life.” [US Weekly

David Duchovny has completed his two month stay in rehab for sex addiction. [US Weekly