Morning Memo: Rock Princesses Trade Photo Shoots; Tabloid Rakes Muck, Literally

Someone has been looking through the trash cans of the West Village’s celebrity residents and sending their finds to Page Six. So far, they’ve turned up evidence of Mary-Lousie Parker‘s thyroid problem. Good work, guys! [P6]

One rockstar’s model daughter is as good as another: When Bijou Phillips had to cancel on Chrissie Miller‘s latest photo shoot, the designer simply went up to Alexandra Richards on the street and asked her to stand in. [Page Six Magazine, fifth item]

Lindsay Lohan wants everyone to know that she’s going to start dating men again once the attention from this Samantha Ronson relationship has worn off (or something like that). [Full Disclosure]

Saturday Night Live‘s Amy Poehler, who is married to fellow comedian Will Arnett, gave birth to a baby boy named Archie this weekend. [US Weekly]

Former Knicks manager Isiah Thomas, who reportedly overdosed on sleeping pills on Friday, is now denying the incident ever occurred. [Daily Intel]

Concerns about spending have forced New Jersey to shut down Howard Stern’s eponymous highway rest stop. [P6]