Morning Memo: Samantha Ronson Threatened with Bad PR; Suri Cruise Needs Friends; Taylor Momsen “Naturally” Thin

Samantha Ronson‘s former lawyer, Martin Garbus, is threatening to sue her for nonpayment. He wrote “Please don’t force me to do it … The blogs will pick it up.” [NYDN]

In more fun news, Ms. Ronson’s girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan, will dress as Sarah Palin for Halloween! [Full Disclosure]

Gossip Girl‘s Taylor Momsen assured worried reporters that she is “naturally thin.” [US Weekly]

Suri Cruise reportedly gets abnormally excited when she sees kids her own age because she’s had “not a lot of socialization.” [P6]

Family drama: Photographer Bruce Weber is suing his girlfriend’s cousin, the actress Anna Thomson, over money he provided for the care of Thomson’s dying mother, shoe designer Beth Levine. [P6]

A drag queen threw a condom filled with “a questionable liquid” at Leonardo DiCaprio at the Box, where he always seems to be. [R&M]

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anothy renewed their vows alongside Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran and his wife, Jessica. [People]