Obama’s iPhone App Might Not Swing the Votes

But it certainly looks really cool! Barack Obama’s free iPhone app, launched yesterday with lots of media buzz, is hoping to swing the wing voters with its neat service. It sorts your iPhone’s contact list by state, and the swing states are bumped to the top. Just call your buddies and those states and remind them to vote for Barack (much like Sarah Silverman’s Great Schlep video).

Will the app actually make any impact? Hard to tell.

Silicon Alley Insider notes the application’s live stats page. 1,063 people have used the app to make 21,460 calls.

But the “top caller” has made 9,648, which sounds to us like an internal test account or a scam. We have no way of knowing if the other 11,812 calls are evenly distributed, or clumped among a small handful of people.

Suspicious! But it’s still a cool idea and the countdown for McCain to release his own iPhone application begins …

Obama’s iPhone App Might Not Swing the Votes