Occasionally Awesome Entourage Gets Sixth Season

Up until last night, we’d been pretty pleased with the latest season of Entourage. The show, which lamely limped along for almost two full years has gotten its mojo back by having Vincent Chase decline into the Hollywood Bargain Bin. So it was a little disconcerting to watch the latest episode, which would have even been considered terrible by Medellin-era Entourage standards. Vince and the boys spent thirty long minutes tripping on mushrooms with Eric Roberts. And while on paper that sounds awesome, we assure you, it certainly was not.

Still, the news today that HBO has picked up Entourage for a sixth season makes us happy. Entertainment Weekly reports that the sixth go-around will start shooting in January 2009 with an eye towards a summer premiere. For now, Adrian Grenier seems to be staying at least slightly ahead of his alter-ego, at least.