Palin Against McCain Robocalls, Getting Behind Alice Kryzan

Barack Obama is up in Ohio, but Missouri is a draw, according to a new poll. [The Page]

The C.E.O. of Google is going to endorse and campaign for Obama. [WSJ]

That’s not very socialist, Ben notes. [BS]

When she was in the city for S.N.L., Sarah Palin gave one interview, to a local Fox affiliate. [Gothamist]

Jason Zengerle thinks Palin’s repudiation of the McCain campaign’s robocalls has something to do with the future. [The Plank]

Choire Sicha does not believe The New York Times to be well-served by employing Bill Kristol. [Radar]

Hillary Clinton endorsed Democratic congressonial candidate Alice Kryzan. [26th]

An upstate blogger has a message for Democrats who don’t want to vote for Kryzan: ” She won. She’s better than Lee. Enough.” [Buffalo Pundit]

A blogger compares Michael Bloomberg to a car salesman. [Angry New Yorker]

A seven-foot tall cigarette is one way to make a statement about Kirsten Gillibrand. [Cap Conf]