VSL:WEB // Just when you thought all the Palin comedy had been mined

Look! There’s Sarah Palin — already installed there in the Oval Office — all smiles, and ready to start shakin’ things up!

Don’t believe us? See for yourselves at Palin as President, the clever, cute (and regularly updated) interactive Web gem where Lady Maverick’s first orders of business are on full display — sort of.You’ll need to click around the picture to find the Palin administration’s hidden agendas: Behind door No. 1? It’s the waterboarding of Katie Couric! (Click a few more times, and different images pop up; they’re funny, too.) And apparently, Barracuda ain’t just kiddin’ when she says “Drill, baby, drill” — open the windows, and you’ll see that oil derricks in the Rose Garden are pumpin’ us closer and closer to energy independence, you betcha! The other night on SNL, the governor tried to show us that she gets it, that she’s in on the joke. Whether or not you were laughing then, a minute or two on this site will have you chuckling.

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