Quinn: ‘If Term Limits Are Extended, I Would Not Run for Mayor’

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, considered one of the most formidable mayoral candidates, just said in response to a reporter’s question, “If term limits are extended to 12 years from 8 years, no, I would not run for mayor.”

Quinn was speaking to the press in the Red Room at City Hall, where she announced she would consult with her leadership team before taking a position on Michael Bloomberg’s announcement. Back in December Quinn expressed iron-clad opposition to extending term limits, and she admitted today that stance may not be reflected in her position on the legislation.

Michael Bloomberg also opposed extending or abolishing term limits until fairly recently.

In light of this, I asked Quinn if she could describe, in general, how the City Council is a check on the mayor’s power.

Quinn told me there’s “a long list of ways in which we demonstrate our checks-and-balances,” specifically naming veto overrides, negotiations and amendments to bills. “Checks and balances don’t have to mean fights and arguments,” she said, adding, “I don’t feel undo pressure.”

Quinn: ‘If Term Limits Are Extended, I Would Not Run for Mayor’