Sam Donaldson Wonders Why Young Pup Brit Hume Stepping Down at Fox News

Today, Michael Calderone of Politico writes about Brit Hume’s swan song at Fox News. After the election, Mr. Hume, who joined the cable news network during its fledgling days back in 1996, will be significantly cutting back his duties, which currently include anchoring Special Report at 6 p.m., anchoring big political night coverage, and serving as the managing editor of the news division.

One fun moment from the piece: ABC News’ Sam Donaldson, who is 74, questions why Mr. Hume, who is 65, would be winding things down.

From the article:

‘What are these young kids like Brit Hume stepping down for?’ asked veteran anchor Sam Donaldson, a former colleague at ABC (and nine years his senior). ‘I think Brit’s at the height of his power.’