Sarah Palin Declines Fund-Raiser at Ivana Trump’s Home

Odd couple alert: Ivana Trump and Sarah Palin.

According to Page Six Magazine, the two first met eight years ago, when Ms. Trump visited Anchorage to promote her perfume and jewelry lines. (Ivana Trump, big in Alaska!) Ms. Palin, the former beauty queen, turned out to be such a fan that she drove two hours from her hometown of Wasilla to meet Donald’s ex.

“She stood in line to get the perfume and a signed copy of my book,” Ms. Trump told Page Six. “So we chatted and bonded. We have a lot in common. She’s down to earth; I’m down to earth. In business, I use the skills I picked up as a ski champion rather than shooting moose, but there’s nothing wrong with that.”

(Perhaps it was during that meeting that the two ladies traded tips on the perfect up-do.)

More recently, Ms. Trump offered to hold a fund-raiser for the vice presidential nominee. But due to a timing issue, it never got organized, and Ms. Palin wrote a polite e-mail thanking Ms. Trump for the offer.

Perhaps Ms. Palin knew all too well that Ms. Trump wouldn’t quite be able to pull in a guest list comparable to Anna Wintour‘s numerous fund-raisers for Obama, attended by the likes of Andre Leon Talley, Calvin Klein and Sarah Jessica Parker. Judging from Ms. Trump’s guest list when she married Italian stud Rossano Rubicondi (24 years her junior) in April, Ms. Palin might have found herself instead in the company of people like George Hamilton, Ricky and Kathy Hilton, and Brigitte Nielsen, former wife of Sylvester Stallone.

Sarah Palin Declines Fund-Raiser at Ivana Trump’s Home