Sarah Vowell: I Love the 30s

Last night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, author and This American Lifer Sarah Vowell made an unusual endorsement. “This morning I got the paper and I was about to read it and I was”—Ms. Vowell let out a pained grown—”and I just went over to the computer and looked up F.D.R.’s ‘Fireside Chats’ and started reading those.”

Ever the helpful host, Mr. Stewart added some context for his younger viewers. “The chats he gave to get people through the Depression.”

“Yeah,” said Ms. Vowell. “Because people say that really bucked up people during the Depression. And I’m not really getting any of that, so I decided to go back the 30s and be reassured.”

Sounds good to us. Check out these Fireside Chats for yourself. Also, it’s worth noting that President Roosevelt relies heavily on Senator John McCain’s favorite phrase, “my friends.”