Show-Stopper: Anthony Weiner’s Palin-Biden Joke

Here’s Representative Anthony Weiner saying that the vice presidential debate proved “undeniably, undeniably, we saw a vice presidential candidate who had nice legs. I won’t dispute that.”

Weiner, who is dating Hillary Clinton’s body person Huma Abedin, went on to say, “but we also saw a vice-presidential candidate who tried to explain her running mate’s health care position.”

Weiner was speaking at the fall meeting of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network at the Sheraton New York hotel.

Sharpton later told the crowd, presciently, I’m guessing, that “out of all the substance we did today…I’m sure that tomorrow’s papers will say ‘Weiner said Joe Biden has nice legs.’ ”

UPDATE: Weiner’s spokesman John Collins emails to say, “It was a misguided attempt at humor and Anthony apologizes for it.”

Show-Stopper: Anthony Weiner’s Palin-Biden Joke