Speyer, Zuckerman Back Bloomberg Bid

Mega-landlords Jerry Speyer and Mort Zuckerman told The Times‘ Michael Barbaro they’d love to see a third Bloomberg term. It would help the local economy in troubling times, their reasoning goes–besides, what else would their friend Mike do with his time?

According to Mr. Zuckerman, chairman of Boston Properties, controlling owner of the GM Building, among other trophies:

The mayor’s closest friends said that he so relishes his job, from the small-bore borough breakfasts to the billion-dollar development projects, that he finds the prospect of just about anything else wanting.

Most jobs “would never fully engage him,” said Mortimer Zuckerman, the owner of The Daily News and a friend of Mr. Bloomberg. He added, “I think he would waste away if he were in a state of semi-activity.”

“The one thing you can say about the mayoralty of New York City is that it’s a full-time job,” Mr. Zuckerman said.

The Observer earlier this week gauged the reaction of other real estate heavies to a third Bloomberg term. Alex Sapir, whose family firm owns 7 million square feet of Manhattan commercial space, summed up their sentiments thusly: “Love him. Let’s keep him forever.”

Speyer, Zuckerman Back Bloomberg Bid