Tech Stars Don’t Stop Believin’

After his interview for an article this week’s issue of the Observer, CEO Sam Lessin told us he was going on vacation. Apparently, a bunch of other tech stars including his girlfriend (a Wall Street Journal tech reporter), Facebook product design lead Aaron Sittig, Apple producer/designer Jessica Bigarel, and cofounder Mike Hudack all decided to tag along. Silicon Alley Insider posted a video in which they’re escaping the fiscal crisis in checkered bathing suits and swimming trunks and lip synching to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Their description of the video?

Twenty world Internet citizens met in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in October of 2008 for a week of reflections on life, love, and the Internet.

Have fun kids. At least they’re not spending $440,000 of tax payers’ money for an “executive retreat” at a swanky California spa. We wonder what their investors would have to say though!