Thirty-Five Council Members for Term-Limits Change, Members Want Vote Soon

Unofficially, the bill to change the city’s term-limits law will pass the City Council with about 35 votes in favor, according to Majority Leader Joel Rivera, who spoke to me on the City Hall steps after the Council’s Democratic caucus meeting.

As far as what divides the two camps, Rivera said there isn’t much of a split between members who will be term-limited out of office if the law doesn’t change, and those that could run for re-election this year. The split, he said, fell along ideological lines: those who are willing to change the law legislatively through a Council vote, and those who think it needs to go before the voters.

Rivera also said nearly every Council member wants to vote on the bill “as soon as possible” so they know whether to run for re-election, aim for higher office, or file a lawsuit.

Councilman Robert Jackson, who supports changing the law, told me that even if Michael Bloomberg and Ron Lauder are shaping most of the public conversation, “It doesn’t matter.” The issue, he said, is “pretty simple.”

Undecided City Councilman Mathieu Eugene walked past and said he’s still undecided. “I’m just an observer,” he said.