Tina Fey Book Has Publishers Biting Blindly; Bidding Reportedly Up to $6 Million

Good googly moogly! Keith Kelly reports in The New York Post this morning that literary agent Richard Abate has publishers going nuts at the prospect of a book by Tina Fey.

We heard earlier this week that Mr. Abate was boldly asking for $5 million, but apparently someone has since offered him six. All that without Ms. Fey writing any sort of proposal or taking any meetings, according to Mr. Kelly, which really brings that whole “book publishing is like gambling” meme you read about recently in New York Magazine to a new level.

Then again, maybe the seemingly astronomical price tag is not so strange, considering recent books by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have both sold extremely well.

Mercifullly, according to the Post, Ms. Fey is not interested in writing a memoir, but rather a humor book.