Transom Week In Review: Armin Amiri’s New Diner; Steve Dunleavy’s Farewell Party; Robert De Niro and a Grittier New York

We got the details on Armin Amiri‘s plans for the space formerly known as Cafe Socialista, which he is turning into an exclusive all-night diner.

At a lunch in honor of Bill Maher‘s Religuous, we solicited opinions on religion and religious person Sarah Palin from Kathleen Turner, Joy Behar, Janeane Garofalo, and Andre Balazs

We took a walk down a rather dissolute memory lane with David Carr and Tom Arnold at a Soho House celebration for the film adaptation of Toby Young‘s How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (bonus: info on star Kirsten Dunst‘s burgeoning writing career!).

Robet De Niro expressed ambivalence about a poorer–but grittier!–post-crash Manhattan at the premiere of What Just Happened?

We got shut out of Rupert Murdoch‘s party for New York Post writer Steve Dunleavy, but had a pretty good time anyway.