Weiner: Outer-Borough Hearings on Term Limits, Please

Anthony Weiner is also criticizing the City Council for introducing legislation to change term limits because he says  changing the law legislatively “takes away the right of New Yorkers to vote.”

Always on message, Weiner also notes that there is some geographic snobbery in the fact that hearing on the bill will be held in Manhattan.

Today’s announcement that there will be a hearing – beginning at 3 pm
– for citizens to come to Manhattan and complain is not a substitute
for a vote by all our citizens. It’s symbolic of the overall process,
which takes away the right of New Yorkers to vote, allows the Council
to rush the process and offers only one afternoon of hearings on such
a fundamental change.

“New Yorkers around the city deserve hearings in their boroughs, and a
normal process for considering this important legislation.