Wikipedia Bandit Claims Times Krugman Dead; Krugman Alive, Still Has Nobel Prize

This morning in a front-page story by Catherine Rampell, The New York Times took a moment to gush about its Nobel prize-winning columnist, Paul Krugman.

After listing the Princeton professor and columnist’s many laurels, Ms. Rampell wrote:

In recent years, in his column and a related blog on, nearly everything about the Bush administration — from health care policy to Iraq to ‘general incompetence’ — has been the object of his scorn.
Along the way, Mr. Krugman has come in for criticism himself from both economists and lay readers.

One of those critics has decided to kill Mr. Krugman—at least on Wikipedia. As of about 5:30 P.M. EST, Mr. Krugman’s entry listed him as having died today. The entry has since been fixed, but a screen capture can be seen above.

Thankfully, Mr. Krugman posted on his Times-hosted blog, The Conscience of a Liberal, around the time he was reported deceased. So, it’s more than likely he’s doing fine and thinking about what to do with the $1.4 million he has been awarded.