Will Renovations Stave Off Doom for Bungalow 8?

Bungalow 8, the hot nightclub that was, underwent a makeover last month, and photos of the new Bungalow 8 are posted on Guest of Guest. But can anyone tell what’s different?And does anyone care?

Once upon a time Bungalow was at the epicenter of the city’s nightlife. But in these new photos, there’s nary a boldfaced name to be found–let alone the A-list crowd of habitues like Jude Law, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Bill Clinton, P. Diddy, and George Clooney, who used to frequent the club.

In Page Six Magazine‘s August profile of proprietress Amy Sacco, Joshua David Stein wrote:

But manning the door at Bungalow is no longer a very challenging job. On a Monday night earlier this month, at midnight, Disco is still standing out front, looking seven years older but just as intimidating. (Armin has moved on to open his own place, Socialista, on the West Side Highway.) Inside, the hostess can still arrange everything from helicopter pickup to pizza delivery for patrons but there is no one here to ask for it. There are no lines outside either, and there is no one for Disco to turn away. Bungalow is a ghost town. A bored bartender plays Connect Four with a waitress. After 15 minutes, two young blondes in very short sequin dresses tumble in. It’s heiress Lydia Hearst and Aubrey O’Day, the singer of the band Danity Kane. They look around, look at each other and head to the bar. Where they sit, alone. 

Today Ms. Sacco’s various ventures are struggling. A restaurant Ms. Sacco opened in 2005 called Bette near her Chelsea apartment has closed. She served as a consultant on a high-end condo building called District, which isn’t selling well. And Bungalow 8 in London has still not reached the one-time success level of its New York counterpart. 

All of which makes us think that redecorating will hardly solve the outdated club’s problems.



Will Renovations Stave Off Doom for Bungalow 8?