Will We Get To See The Road This Year?

We’ve been looking forward (sorta) to seeing the no-doubt downer that will be The Road, directed by John Hillcoat and adapted from the Cormac McCarthy novel, which, to be honest, we’ve always been too scared to read, as it’s one of those post-apocalyptic tales of wandering bleak landscapes. Viggo Mortensen stars, and we maintain that if Daniel Day-Lewis hadn’t been in the running for last year’s Best Actor Oscar, Mr. Mortensen would have — should have! — gotten a statue for Eastern Promises.

But we digress. The Road had been slated to open in New York and Los Angeles November 14th, putting it nicely in awards territory, but The Hollywood Reporter reports today that the film has been shifted till December, and might not even make it into 2008 altogether. We’ve been hearing that a lot of the big hitters for this year are still being worked on and apparently The Road still has a long way to go before it’s completed. Executives are scheduled to meet today with producers (including Harvey Weinstein, who’s been having a hellish season so far, not to mention costly) to see if they can make it happen. Fingers crossed!